All text and images are © copyright of Duncan Charman 2013

The next chapter of my angling career sees me focus my energy and enthusiasm in helping fellow anglers to have a day, or two, too remember. I’m committed to sharing with you the secrets of my success and l hope in turn this will help you catch the fish of your dreams.

My father taught me at a very early age the rudiments of angling and with it the art of watercraft. As l progressed into match fishing my peacock quills gave way to wagglers and l homed my float fishing skills that remain an important part of my armoury today.

The capture of a thirty-pound plus pike from Thorpe Park was to be the catalyst of me becoming a specimen angler. The downfall of such a special fish from this huge water required much dedication, but led to great euphoria.

I’m currently sponsored by Korum and Sonubaits, contribute regularly for angling publications not just in the UK but also across Europe, and am fast becoming a regular on Sky Sports ‘Tight Lines’ as well as appearing on the internet angling channels.

One thing that helps me to some stunning captures is access to some great rivers and lakes, from Farnham’s Angling Societies river Loddon with its record nudging barbel to the watery wonderland of Cemex Angling’s portfolio.

Spending the last forty odd years learning where the fish live gives me a distinct advantage, and my previous profession as a photographer helps in capturing the moment when all the hard work pays off.

All text and images are © copyright of Duncan Charman 2013

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