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Having an unrelenting determination and endless enthusiasm to catch what ever swims, you now have the opportunity to get in to my brain, locate all the best swims and learn the tactics and skills needed to catch more fish.

Equally at home on both running or stillwater, l spend literally thousands of hours bankside each season, so why not join me for an experience not to be forgotten. Each guiding session will be tailored to your individual requirements, right down to the species and venue. It’s then just a case of allowing decades of knowledge to be shared over the course of the day.

I'd like to say l specialise in one species but the truth is l specialise in all species, adapting my techniques and targets with the changing seasons. So whether your looking at landing your first zander in the colourful splendour of the autumn, roving a river for chub in the depth of winter, catching a big bag of tench on a summers morning, trotting a chalk stream in search of the elusive grayling or spending a night or two under the stars after big bream during the spring, l feel l can offer something truly magical for everyone.

The whole experience will not only remain in your memory but my passion for photography will capture the whole day on film and you never know, your catch may well find its way to the national angling papers!

Sharing my knowledge with fellow anglers and watching their emotions as they slip their net under a fish they’ve dreamt of is addictive and my prices reflect the enjoyment these sessions bring. I love the one-on-one sessions where all my time can be dedicated to the angler, however if two or more friends want to split the cost then I'm happy to accommodate. Whatever your request, simply email me and l will work out a bespoke detailed quotation just for you.

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