Many of you entering this site would have read an article created by myself and from these, you will have seen that nothings complicated, what you see is what you get, just an honest angler that’s built up a reputation over many years by keeping things simple, reading the conditions correctly, then putting in the time.

You can keep up to date of all my sessions by checking out my blog page. Here you will be able to see not only how my clients fair but read their comments, as well as keeping up to date with my own personal outings. If you would like a similar experience, well here’s you chance, just check out my guiding page and get in touch.

The gallery page hopefully will inspire you that it’s not all about catching fish. Time spent fishing should be so much more rewarding and should be looked at through many angles, whether it be how each day starts and ends, the wildlife that surrounds us, as well as the fish we catch.

I’m looking forward to meeting you, spending time on the bank where l will pass on my knowledge and secrets, and then we can simply do what we love to do, catch fish!

All text and images are © copyright of Duncan Charman 2013



All text and images are © copyright of Duncan Charman 2013

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